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Skip Rule Expression

Dixer provides a way to skip columns in the dataflow that matches with a expression. This need to return a bool.

For this, add in the job with type dataflow the objects key dataflow_skip (skip in Dixer v1.7.0 and below).


  • rule: mandatory if enabled. Specified the rule returning a bool with expression mapping. String.
  • rule_var: optional. Specified var containing a rule. String.
  • disable: optional. Disable the Skip Rule Expression for the job. Bool. Default false
  • disable_var: optional. Specified var containing a bool to disable the Skip Rule Expression. String.


rule = "mapping.string.0 == 'perla' || mapping.string.3 in ['peña','smith']"
rule_var = ""
disable = true
disable_var = ''

All rows matched with the expression will be omitted.

From v1.8.0, you can use normal expressions to skip, not only a expression with a mapping column.


For Dixer v1.x.x, put .Value at end of mapping calling index. Example: