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Exec a delay

Dixer provides a job for wait a custom duration. The job type is delay.


  • duration: optional. The duration in seconds. Int.
  • duration_var: optional. A variable with the duration value. String.
  • custom_duration: optional. The custom duration. String.
  • custom_duration_var: optional. A variable with the custom duration value. String.

Custom duration has priority over Duration.

Custom duration values

The custom duration is a string defined with time parts:

  • ns: nanosecond.
  • µs: microsecond.
  • ms: millisecond.
  • s: second.
  • m: minute.
  • h: hour.
  • d: day.
  • w: week.

For example, for 90 seconds you can set:




You can use decimals for seconds and below. For example, for wait 1 second and 20 nanoseconds set:




Example job:

id = 'delay_job'
name = 'Delay one second custom'
type = 'delay'
disable = false
ignore_error = false
custom_duration = '1s'
id = 'delay_job'
name = 'Delay one second normal'
type = 'delay'
disable = false
ignore_error = false
duration = 1