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Handle Jobs events

Dixer provides a way to execute a complete workflow depending the event returned of a job.

The 3 events supported are:

  • success: when a job complete succesfully.
  • error: when a job return an error.
  • completion: when a job complete with success or error.

If ignore_error key is false in the job then events are triggered before Dixer exit with error.

To add this functionality in the job, use the object keys event_success, event_error or event_completion. Are optional.

You can use all events in a job, or some of them.


  • exec_workflow: The workflow to execute when the event is triggered. String.
  • disable: Disable the event. Bool. Default false

Example with only success:

exec_workflow = 'send_mail_job'
disable = false

Example with success and error:

exec_workflow = 'send_mail_success'
disable = false

exec_workflow = 'send_mail_error'
disable = false


It's possible to create a bucle, for example, a job can call other job when error or another event, and the job called can call the origin job when success or another event.