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Create a variable

The variable types are:

  • string
  • int
  • float
  • bool
  • datetime
  • map

To create a variable is used the array of objects variables. Example creating two variables:

name = 'firstname'
type = 'string'
value = 'santiago'

name = 'age'
type = 'int'
value = '25'
  - name: firstname
    type: string
    value: 'santiago'
  - name: age
    type: int
    value: '25'
  "variables": [
      "name": "firstname",
      "type": "string",
      "value": "santiago"
      "name": "age",
      "type": "int",
      "value": "25"

Also, you can read environment variables using env=true:

name = 'AWS_SECRET'
type = 'string'
env = true

For a datetime variable, there are the additional key datetime_format to defined the format of the value:

name = 'birthdate'
type = 'datetime'
value = "2020-01-01"
datetime_format = '2006-01-02'

The keys name, type, value and datetime_format are strings. The value key is optional since v2.0.0.

If value key is not set since v2.0.0, the default values are:

  • int: 0
  • float: 0
  • bool: false
  • string: empty
  • map: empty
  • datetime: 0000-01-01 00:00:00

It's possible to get value of an environment variable in the OS. Use the boolean key env and set to true. You can omit the value key.

To declare a variable that represents a expression in the value, use the boolean key expressions and set to true. Its values are evaluated with a expression, for example, concatenating these two variables the expression for type string will be:

firstname + ' ' + toString(age)


For Dixer v1 is
firstname.Value + ' ' + age.ToString().Value

*For expressions see Expressions.

The variables can be set in:

  • Package config with initial values.
  • Executing a package with Dixer binary with option --variable or -v. Example: -v firstname="Santiago De la Cruz" -v age=25. For more see Command line.
  • In job type dataflow: you can choose the source and destination will be Variables.
  • In job type dataflow: use like derivated columns to create a column in the mapping.

*Variables that are expressions cannot be set because its values are calculated.


It's possible to get value of variables in different type for bool, string, int and float types. Example: if a key is int like the port key creating a connection, and you want to use port_var and assign a variable, this variable can be one of mentioned variables, Dixer makes a implicit conversion.