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Dixer is in the process of being maintained by Ofimatic

Dixer can be used without restrictions for users, but execution has a delay of 30 seconds before initialize workflow. To avoid this delay consider to buy depending the edition you need.

For companies, consider to buy a license, please contact us to

License is only supported for Windows, Linux and macOS where the command flag -genlicreq works. In Linux, you need to execute with sudo or go here to disable sudo in dmidecode.

The license should be generated with the owner information like this:

dixer -genlicreq -licreqname "Santiago De la Cruz" -licreqemail -licreqcompany "My cool company name" -licrequrl

A one-time payment license that includes one year of updates. If you need a new version after a year of the license, you need to buy another license.

When buy it, send a mail to with license request generated from Command line with option -genlicreq and include the transaction detail generated from PayPal. A reply will be sent with license file attached to it.


Please try downloading a binay in download page before buying a license.


License file path can be set in environment variable DIXER_LIC to avoid use the --license option from command line. Also, you can set the content of the license file in environment variable DIXER_LIC_RAW.